Becoming a head chef in London is one of the most lucrative opportunities you can get as a culinary expert. It has a lot of perks that you can enjoy as you build your career. So, what does it take to become a professional chef?

Several factors have to be in play to get to the level you want. Some of these include education, experience, and other important skillsets that cans set you apart from any other type of chef. As a young chef, here are some things you need to be aware of to become a head chef in London.


First of all, passion for food will drive you towards becoming a head chef in any restaurant. Chefs who perform very well in this field always love cooking from an early age, but passion for cooking and the love for food is not enough. Getting a professional qualification is important to becoming a head chef, especially if you are in London.

Training gives you the right skills to become a professional culinary professional. There are many programs in the culinary arts and schools that offer professional training right within London. It may be easier to get recognition as a professional chef within London if you have gotten your culinary education from London too. Professional training will spearhead you to becoming a head chef in London and work in some of London’s biggest and most luxurious restaurants.

Several culinary schools have programs that are accredited and have licenses from awarding organizations. These certifications tend to be internationally recognized, so you can establish your base in London and work anywhere else.

If you get a chance to enrol into a culinary training college with Michelin-starred tutors, you will be in luck since you will learn some of the other skills that give them recognition in the world and get to become a head chef within a very short time.

Use the advantage of state-of-the-art facilities to get your culinary training and learn as much as you can to stand out from the other chefs in your area.


Experience is vital to becoming a head chef in London in any restaurant. Most head chefs have years of experience in the culinary industry, working in different restaurants and cooking all kinds of cuisines. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t become a head chef in a short time. It depends on how much work and time you are willing to put in your career to learn as much as possible.

Right after your culinary training at a reputable institution, you should consider starting work in a restaurant as fast as you can. Working should not be in any restaurant; try to work in restaurants that care about the vital skills learned in culinary educational institutions, somewhere where you can use the skills you learned to keep you in the loop on the professional side of food.

Work experience is a perfect way of developing skills and working in high-pressure environments that require you to deliver the highest standards possible. Working in a professional kitchen is the best way to become a head chef, build your network, and eventually get employed as a head chef in a reputable restaurant.

The more experience you get, the faster you will become a head chef in the future. But you don’t need to rush; take your time since it is more about the quality, not the quantity.

Working in London Vs. Working Outside London

Without a doubt, London is considered to be one of the best cities in hospitality and catering. It is good for both customers and everyone working in restaurants, especially head chefs. Hospitality and catering experiences vary from place to place; you might prefer one place to another. There are a lot of differences working in London compared to other places as a head chef.

Of course, the first difference that anyone can’t overlook is head chefs’ salaries in London compared to other places outside London. Head chefs’ in London can earn upwards of £36,655 per year as a basic salary, and this doesn’t include other benefits that they get. As soon as you move out of London, the salaries are way less than this. Lower paycheck is one of the reasons why many head chefs prefer to work in the best restaurants in London.

London is a metropolitan city, and people who visit are always there to experience its beauty and tasty food—working in London as a head chef gives you a chance to interact with people and cook various dishes they like.

Having broad experience in preparing international dishes gives head chefs insights and more experience in their culinary expertise. With such experience and network from people visiting your restaurant, you get accolades that will get you to other high-end restaurants in other places around the world.

Role of a Head Chef

There are different chefs, but the head chef is one of the most senior positions every culinary expert wishes to get at. The head chef has many duties. A head chef mainly runs the kitchen, including managing everything to ensure the kitchen is running well.

Head chefs have to manage the team and work with the food, spices, and even equipment suppliers. They are also in charge of creating the menus since they know specifically the client needs and make them professionally.

Head chefs have to work with other managers and everyone else involved in running the restaurant. But when in the kitchen, cooking is also part of the main duties that he does. Some of the duties include:
• Taking stock
• Plate presentations
• Preparation of top quality ingredients
• Preparation of seasonal menus as well as dishes
• Development of new restaurant concepts recruitment, training, and developing other chefs.
• Working directly with the service team.
• Participation in food events and conferences to add better cuisines to the menu and prepare them professionally too.

This position may be challenging when starting; that is why having experience is important. Getting experience enables you to know everything needed to run a kitchen and a whole restaurant as well.

Recruitment of Head Chefs

There are hundreds of recruitment agencies involved in the hospitality industry and are always looking for experts in the field. It is even now easier to get hired as a head chef in London since you only have to check online for recruitment agencies.

Getting hired as a head chef entails several things. Experience will play a major role in how you get to the head chef position you’ve always wanted. Just build your CV and apply for opportunities when recruitment agencies advertise on their platforms. As long as you are ready, you will always get to work in some of the best restaurants in London.

The hospitality industry is always growing both in London and the rest of the world. So becoming a head chef and working within London is one of the best ways to develop your skills and set yourself apart in the industry. Always maintain consistency in your profession, and you are on your way to greater heights.