What makes a head chef?

The head chef is the supervisor of all the other chefs and governs a kitchen individually. He is a leading person in all the affairs tackled in a kitchen and manages the kitchen’s actual income, such as buying and selling all orders.
The head chef also controls the whole chef and plans the kitchen’s progress. He also supervises all chefs and checks their responsibilities and demerits. A vital duty of a head chef is to encourage his team of chefs for working most efficiently and effectively. Head chef of a kitchen also introduces many innovative and latest ideas for developing kitchen products.
The minimum qualifications for a head chef are to have a culinary degree, which helps the people learn their job of making a kitchen menu and their needs. It would be best to have experience or an internship in any kitchen with this degree.
It is the best opportunity if you also learn from other skilled chefs. As you remember an experience from qualified chefs, you can get your experience certificates. During your internship, you also discovered many other revolved ideas for the betterment of the kitchen.
The head chef works in different shifts, such as day or night. Their busiest working times are late night and early morning. He also receives a considerable salary per month, which depends on the brand and his way of working.

Qualities of a Head Chef:

  • A head chef has the following attributes
  • An inspiring commander
  • A good head chef is an inspired commander who knows how to make his team efficient and hard work. The other chefs learn from the leadership of their head chef for future commanding.
  • Encourage teamwork
  • The head chef also encourages his team in their work. In this way, their workers work most efficiently and effectively.Never discourage his team
  • Making mistakes is common for every person. It would be helpful if you did not shout at any person in your team, which may discourage them in their work. Even when there is a lot of work in the kitchen, you must bring calm among your workers.
  • Also, listen to other chefs
  • An efficient head chef also listens to the most innovative ideas of their chefs and then implant the best one for the progress of his kitchen.
  • Keep his staff safe and healthy
  • The head chef also looks after the safety measures of his staff. If he notices any hazard in the kitchen, he removes it. Overloaded work can make the chefs sick. Therefore he keeps them to work for an average time as their body require.

What is the wage of a head chef in London?

The wage of head chef in London depends on his working hours such as day time, night time, or full time. The estimated salary that a head chef receives in a year is £60k-£75k. This income has based on full time working, not part-time.
For night or day shifts, the number of wage changes becomes Up to £29000 for a year. The head chef is the leader of their whole staff. Therefore, he deserves more than any other chef. The salary of other chefs for the entire time working also changes in the range of £45k-£60k. They have a minimum wage than the head chef because the head chef has a lot of responsibilities for controlling and managing the kitchen.
Responsibilities of a head chef:
The skilled and professional chefs pay proper attention to creating advanced dishes to keep the restaurant updated. He supervises all the food items in and out of the kitchen. He also has command over all the junior staff members and manages their responsibilities.

Following are the responsibilities of a head chef:

• The control over the food preparation process. He checks the quality of raw material for food and confirms the standard of prepared food.
• He approves the dishes before serving them to customers.
• A Head chef keeps proper working management for all chefs in the restaurant.
• He introduces new dishes to get a variety by knowing the updated culinary trends.
• He maintains the quality of the foodstuff.
• He creates many menu items.
• Determination of food stocking and order is necessary for the head chef.
• To make sure that food is standard and not unhygienic.
• To ensure all food items regulation.
• He approved all dishes before serving to the customers. If he notices any hazard, he rejects it.
• The head chef assigns less complicated tasks to lower kitchen staff members.

Head chef duties are much more than the rest of the members in the restaurant. Their utmost responsibility is to ensure all ins and outs are according to the demand. He also provides how much food will be required by the specific time duration. For this type of specifications, he must also be aware of computation.
He assures us to increase the food production level as maximum as possible. He can also perform tasks of administrations when required. He must have a food passion for keeping the restaurant up to the mark. Quality assurance of food items is also a significant responsibility of a head chef, which is the primary need of all food brands.
The head chef also remains up-to-date with the culinary trends and then implant them in his routine, working to better his work. He invents the most innovative ways for the quality food of kitchen, which increases customers’ trust.
One of the responsibilities of a head chef is that his sense of humour should be perfect for taking sudden decisions when demanded.These are the responsibilities of a head chef which make him head of his staff.
Work hours of a head chef:
Working hours are also rigorous for the executive chef or head chef. Most head chefs have full-time duties from early morning till late evenings. On rough calculations, his duty timing is almost forty-eight to sixty hours per week. His task is challenging as he must stay on duty even on holidays and weekends. They spend their whole time working without rest.
Many head chefs have more working hours than others because of their best management and client satisfaction, making them unique and trustworthy.
Final Thoughts
The head chef is the leader of all his working staff or other chefs who works under his supervision. His duties include many arduous tasks, especially the kitchen management and his team. His working hours are different in London, but he works full time from day to night time.
The responsibility of the head chef is to keep the standard of food best for customers. He also appreciates his teamwork and makes his behaviour peaceful with them. Management of all income of kitchen is also under the head chef. He annually receives almost £60k-£75k income in London.