7 Ways Recruitment Agencies Help London Chefs

Hospitality in London is a booming business, with many chef vacancies than there are chefs. Unfortunately for a prospective candidate, landing in the wrong kitchen is just as bad as staying unemployed. Top management and Executive chefs have varying demands, and they are often strict on the kind of person they are willing to take on.

Recruitment agencies play a crucial role in bridging the gap between kitchens looking to fill their staff and chefs looking for job placements. But agencies do more than bridging. They make sure that the chef they send out to a company is the absolute right one.

From private residences to catering companies and local pubs to intercontinental hotels, many establishments hire recruitment agencies, providing candidates with a large network of potential employers.

Here are seven ways recruitment agencies help chefs find the perfect job.

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Enjoy stress-free job hunts

The process of writing applications all tailored to each hotel can be overwhelming and time-consuming. In addition, as a chef, you need to research your prospective employer to ensure that your skills and values match their culture. Unfortunately, even after doing your research and sending tailored applications, there is no guarantee that you will get the right job.

Companies pay recruitment agencies to provide the best candidates to fill in their vacant roles. Therefore, they do the job hunting for you at no cost, and you have a better chance of landing in the right kitchen. Apart from getting a free service, a recruitment agency also provides valuable feedback.

Receive follow-up and feedback

One of the major frustrations for a fresh culinary graduate is sending out application after application and getting no replies. It is impossible to know if you are making mistakes and what you need to improve without feedback. This is where a recruitment agency comes in.

An agency will follow up on your application, invite you for an interview and provide feedback and tips on improving. Additionally, you’ll receive guidance throughout the process, from intake interview to salary negotiation, and benefit from an ongoing relationship.

Agency chefs benefit from a long term relationship with their employer, unlike direct employees of an establishment. As your agency gets to know you better, they will be better positioned to place you in the perfect kitchen based on your personality and preferences.

Better matching with employer’s culture and values

Companies pay recruitment agencies, and thus it is usually in the agency’s best interest to provide the best fit for a company’s needs. Therefore, an agency will ensure they send you to a company that fits your work culture and expertise.

An Asian restaurant like SticksnSushi will have a different culture from an exclusive golf club like Wentworth. The former will want a down-to-earth chef who takes his work, but not himself, seriously, while the latter will recruit a chef with some flair. On the other hand, a country pub like The White Horse on Parsons Green will be looking for a chef with ‘pints of personality’. A recruitment agency will interview you and find you the best company based on your personality and values.

Access to unadvertised positions

While online job boards like Caterer.com display hundreds of job postings, many vacancies rarely make it to the advertisement boards. These are often well-paying jobs, think over £60000, within exclusive establishments. Sending your application to top recruitment agencies opens the chance to land these unadvertised jobs.

Recruitment agencies usually have contacts and extensive networks within the hospitality industry which go well beyond the usual restaurants and hotels. You may find yourself running a kitchen within a catering company, a school, a home for assisted living, or even a cruise ship!

Try out new job positions

To ensure that a head chef is a good fit for a kitchen, agencies usually allow the company to take on a candidate on a contract basis. A contract allows both the chef and the company to test their compatibility before committing to permanent employment.

Before the establishment employs you as a permanent member of their staff, the agency will be your employer and will find you a new placement if things don’t work out. This system works wonderfully for both head chefs looking for a job and those looking for relief staff to join their kitchen brigade.

Try permanent staff before committing

For a head chef running a kitchen working with an inefficient or uncooperative staff member is difficult. Whether it’s a sous chef or a kitchen porter, you need to ensure new additions fit in your kitchen and with the company’s overall values. Many recruitment agencies use a “try-before-you-buy” system for permanent staff.

The agency employs the applicant and sends them to your kitchen on a contract basis. That way, you can try out new staff risk-free and if you feel the employee is a bad fit, get a replacement without causing harm.

What do you do when your commis chef calls in to say he can’t report for the day? Or when you need extra staff for a busy period?

Get temps at short notice

Experienced chefs often describe the fast pace of professional kitchens as controlled chaos. Absences and short staffing can make it challenging to keep up with orders and satisfy customers. As head chef, to hire staff while keeping the staffing budget under control, to help the company meet its financial budgets. A recruitment agency can provide you with relief chefs on short notice, so you are always working with a full brigade.

Recruitment agencies that specialise in the hospitality sector.

Recruitment agencies play a significant role in the London hospitality scene, providing restaurants, pubs, schools and assisted living homes with permanent staff and relief chefs. Due to their extensive networks, agencies do a better job of finding placements for head chefs, sous chefs, commis chefs and other kitchen staff. Send your CV to a reputable agency today and find your perfect job.